Our Services

We have been helping folks buy and sell homes in Alaska for over 18 years! If you are thinking of buying a home in Alaska, talk to the pro’s who live here! All of our real estate professionals have lived in Alaska for over 20 years! We not only know the towns, neighborhoods and schools but when & where the salmon are running! Our broker, Steve Skinner, retired from the military here in 2003 and hasn’t left the state since. We are experts with PCSing military families!
Selling Options

When it is time to sell, you have more options with Husky Realty.

Because no two properties are the same, we offer “Custom” services to fit your situation.

Our “Full Service” option may be what you need. From beginning to closing day, our real estate professionals are by your side.

If you need to maximize the return on your property you may want to use our “Flat Rate” option. Let’s be honest – selling a home isn’t “rocket science”. Our Flat Rate service allows you to take control and maximize the return of your investment.

Give us a call and together we can find the best option for you.
Rental Properties

We manage clean homes under good repair, so if you are new to the area or buying a home in Alaska is not in your future check out our rental properties.

Property Management

Husky Realty also has a property management professional on staff. If you are moving from the area or the “market” is not right for selling, let us rent your home until the time is right to sell. Talk to our management staff for details.